Used clothes will reach a US $51 billion market

Selling Used clothes will reach a US $51 billion market

At present, the textile and garment industry is beyond requirements. Will the development of second-hand clothing have a new impact on the textile and garment retail industry?

South Korea’s major daily reported that South Korean young people are used to sharing economy, old clothes are becoming more and more popular, and South Korea’s 2nd hand clothes market is also gradually developing.

Korean used clothes

“Market in U” is a used clothes store, there are three branches in Seoul. The representative of the market in you said, “their customers are mainly those who want to buy high-quality products at low prices and young people who are used to secondary use and sharing culture.”

The used clothes market has gradually developed into the big trend of the clothing market. The US  online used clothes enterprise “thredUP,” published the 2019 retail report shows that in the past three years, the American second-hand sales market development is 21 times faster than ordinary clothing retail stores. Expected to 2023, the scale of the used clothes market will develop from the current US $24 billion to the US $51 billion.

second hand apparel

American second-hand luxury goods have become the popular mainstream

Recently, the real, a leading American second-hand luxury e-commerce enterprise, look back the development trend of fashion and luxury resale in the past decade (2010-2019), counted the hottest items and brands in the resale market in the past decade, summarized the development trend of the luxury resale market in the past decade, and looked forward to the direction of fashion consumption in the next decade.

The Rati Levesque, COO of The RealReal, said, “in the first decade of the 21st century, all kinds of fashion trends come and go, but the Maximalism style is always strong. On the platform of The RealReal, the resale volume of Maximalism style products is more than three times of other types; Streetwear is a hot spot in this decade, and the American tide brand Supreme ranks first in the list of resale volume;


List of resale amounts: chapati ranks top on the list! In The RealReal, the highest brand of resale volume in the past decade is New York chapati Supreme, the representative clothing product is Box Logo Hoodie, followed by French luggage brand gold, the representative piece is St. Louis, the third is Van Cleef & Arpels, and the usual amount is Alhambra bracelet. The remaining nine brands are Herm è s, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Tiffany & Co., Patek Philippe, Cartier, and Moncler. Resale appreciation list: Gucci ranks first! Over the past decade, Gucci, Fendi, and Dior have been the three brands with the fastest resale appreciation, especially Gucci.

2021s Outlook: Sustainable shopping

According to The RealReal survey, 60% of customers said they would buy more derivative products in the next decade; 55% of customers said they would reduce the purchase of fast fashion products; 46% of customers said they would choose more sustainable brands and retailers.


The second-hand clothing market in Korea is also developing gradually

The leading consumer group in the second-hand clothing market is young people around the age of 20. As the main force of future consumption, this group’s preference for used clothes is very noteworthy. This means that they tend to use less money to buy practical, high-quality garments and do not shy away from second-hand products used by others. For those who are more used to sharing than owning

For this generation, second-hand clothing is just a choice and has no special significance. Rather than wearing clothes with an unmistakable brand style, they prefer to express their personality through mixing and matching.


Zhengensong, a representative of Millionarchive, another used clothes store, said, “the media continue to report the wonderful clothes of celebrities wearing second-hand clothing, attracting young people to look for interesting and unique designs.”. Moreover, the purchase of second-hand clothing also meets the young consumers’ awareness of environmental protection contribution. Second-hand clothing has attracted much attention when people abandon fast fashion products alleged to be the “main culprit” of ecological pollution and look for and join the valuable “slow fashion” trend.

Second-hand clothing is trendy in the African market

In the second-hand market in Africa, locals say that the most popular here is 2nd hand clothes. The local people are poor and can’t afford expensive clothes, so 2nd hand clothes have become everyone’s focus.For example, in Kenya, more than half of the people are in low-income groups. The scale of urban slums is quite large. People have no clothes at all. They are satisfied as long as they can wear them.

Cheap 2nd hand clothes meet their needs. There are many clothes they need, and even if they are lucky, they can find some famous brand clothes, such as Forever 21, a fast-fashion brand. There are no physical stores in many African cities, but they may encounter them in the second-hand market.


In Kenya, this market is called “mitumba.” Some people look for items that can keep the cold and shame, while others start “find the treasure” from it.

Among them are young people like Kevin Abraham, who often go to the 2nd hand clothes market. He considers whether the clothes are of high quality and whether the style is fashionable. This process is not easy. The things in the market are very miscellaneous and messy, so Abraham looked for two friends to find suitable clothes to match.

At the same time, we also need to consider the style, style, and color, and then carefully pack the clothes we find and take them back. What are you taking back for? The first thing they do is to open an online shop. They dress the clothes they are looking for and then shoot them and sell them online. This is a story of getting rich.


Because they are all black people, the choice of clothing is usually based on bright colors. Although it seems simple, it can set off their unique temperament. The selection process of apparel is also rigorous. We will pay attention to every detail of dress, wear degree, and shape of decorations. Because the price is low, the clothes, after careful matching and shooting, will attract more people’s attention, and then encounter some brand products with considerable profits, which makes them confident of finding more clothes.


This rich color is especially suitable for the style of the African continent, so it has attracted the attention of many people. They use the simplest way to tell everyone how to love life. There is no gap between people. Just this layer of clothing will bring different visual feelings to many people.

Nowadays, Kenya has become a well-known clothing collocation, and it can even be seen in many overseas magazines. They can be regarded as fashion celebrities from the slums.



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