How do I work in the used clothes industry?

How do I work in the old clothes industry?

With the gradual emergence of this industry, people all over the country begin to engage in this industry one after another. As a new hand, first needs to know the recycling requirements and standards of used clothes. Although this is just a Recycling old clothes industry, as long as clothes are recycled? The recycling range of used clothes in this industry is quite broad, including a series of summer clothes, winter clothes, shoes, bags, big white, etc. Let’s take the export of summer clothes. Summer clothes are generally sold to Africa, and their profit value is also very objective. The receiving standard of summer clothes is no dirt, no damage, no pilling, about 70% new. Why does the Recycling old clothes industry have so many requirements? It’s elementary. After our clothes are exported, they are also sold locally in Africa. Think about it. The average price of a piece of clothes is 10 yuan. Are you willing to spend 10 yuan to buy a new dress that is not dirty, not bad and no pilling, or are you ready to buy a dress that is a little defective and dirty? Moreover, summer clothes refer to the short clothes and short sleeves worn in summer, such as men’s and women’s jeans, trousers, and long-sleeved inch shirts, which can also be put in summer clothes. Some seemingly belong to summer clothes but actually belong to unwanted summer clothes, such as cotton pajamas, clothes for the elderly, bell-bottoms, and costumes. These are soft standards. Suppose you don’t understand the premise of Recycling. In that case, you can only increase your proportion for no reason, resulting in a low final selling price. On the premise of understanding the recycling standards, we can control the quality problems. After all, now this industry is based on quality for survival. It is not like when it first surfaced. Foreign countries only require quantity, and there are no strict requirements on quality. Now this industry is becoming more and more formal. The needs of foreign customers for our manufacturers are to ensure the quantity on the premise of ensuring the quality, so now many manufacturers will require their offline to do an excellent job in quality.


How to recycle and reduce costs?

This is very simple. There are many ways of Recycling. It is not limited to traditional Recycling. For a new hand, standard Recycling has no advantages for you. Why do you say that? First of all, people from the people’s congresses of this industry to provinces, cities, and counties are doing it. As a new hand, do you rush to recycle in your area and still recycle traditionally? Imagine that others do it before you. Have their own stable offline. Why should others sell you a new hand instead of an old customer? The so-called rules are dead, and people are alive. Suppose you break the traditional recycling methods to recycle. In that case, the effect will be as significant, and the cost of Recycling can be reduced!


Finally, how to make it more profitable?

If you want to achieve considerable profit value, the first thing is to do an excellent job in quality. New hands have just started to do it. Because the output is not much, they might as well start with quality. Wait until the rate gradually stabilizes, and then expand your production. Now there is such a phenomenon in the market, which can be said to drift with the tide. For example, the price of summer clothes is 6000 yuan/ton. Some suppliers, regardless of the quality of their goods, insist on 6000 yuan/ton anyway, as if others sell 6000 yuan/ton, and he loses 5900 yuan/ton. But it’s ok if you want a high price. The key is that the quality of your goods can afford this price. We also set up factories. It is impossible that your interests are of poor quality. Instead, we will pay you a high price. Thanks to yourself? This is an era of double-win cooperation!

The profit of receiving goods mainly depends on your receiving method and receiving cost. Different obtaining methods reflect additional receiving expenses. In addition, other regions also determine different receiving prices. The most significant profit point of using clothes lies in classification, which is the point where profits are generated. Take the current used clothes market, for example. The general suppliers export summer shoes and bags as the primary receiving varieties because they are relatively short. The profit of these three varieties through classification is about 500-3000 yuan/ton. Like the down jacket and sweater mentioned before, the yield is much higher than this. Therefore, there is a lot of space for used clothes to receive goods. However, the key is man-made. It mainly depends on your own operation mode and operation mode and the quality control of the source of goods.


Recycling old clothes is a popular industry because it first spread from the coastal city of Guangdong and gradually developed along with the coastal areas such as Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. The time to surface in the mainland is short, so there are generally few people in this industry. However, the market of the Used clothes industry is usually dominated by cities in the south because the summertime in the south is relatively long, and its output of summer clothes is rather large. Summer shoes are just the varieties suitable for export to Africa, so generally speaking. The markets in the south are more saturated than those in the north. However, taking Recycling old clothes as an example, spring and autumn-winter clothes can also be recycled since summer clothes are needed. The general market is in the north. Although some winter clothes can also be exported to West Asia and the Middle East, some are flowing to the north market for regeneration and flowering, such as down jackets, woolen sweaters, sweaters, etc.; these kinds of profits are also very high.


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