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Why is the second-hand clothing market so hot? Does wearing the used clothes worn by others make yourself more special? Today, consumer choices are becoming more and more diverse, and neither the variety of items available on online platforms nor the limited editions held in brick-and-mortar stores can easily meet the needs of modern consumers, […]

Five years later, Used clothing became a hit among young people as sales top $77 billion The resale market, at first, was designed to reuse idle items and recycle resources with the help of internet technology. Later, as terms such as sharing economy, second-hand economy, and street vending economy emerged and the fast-paced era developed, […]

Second hand clothing consumer market development analysis At present in the United States, Eastern Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and other regions second hand clothing industry is growing faster, and  still continue to rise in the momentum. It can promote the reuse of resources, It’s also the embodiment of urban intensive civilization, has gradually become a fashion […]

Selling Used clothes will reach a US $51 billion market At present, the textile and garment industry is beyond requirements. Will the development of second-hand clothing have a new impact on the textile and garment retail industry? South Korea’s major daily reported that South Korean young people are used to sharing economy, old clothes are […]

Main Characteristics of Used Clothes Market   1.The degree of standardization in the second-hand market has dropped significantly This is a common phenomenon for highly standardized products, such as 3C When fruit machines first launch public, each model has tens of thousands of pieces, but Things turn in a completely different direction in second-hand market. […]

What are the Features of Used Clothing and How to Sell?     What are the features of Used Clothing? Clothing itself is well known as a rather non-standardized commodity, second only to fresh food, let alone second-hand. The features can be mainly divided into two aspects, style preference, and size. Size is a very […]