Hissen Global,Worldwide Wholesale Used Clothes Supplier .

HISSEN GLOBAL is one of the largest second hand clothing suppliers in China. Our warehouses stock over 120 items of summer and winter used clothes, used shoes, used bags that are exported around the world. What we do is to provide you with the best quality.


Used Men Clothing

HISSEN GLOBAL has more than 30 options of used men clothes bales for men such as used men jeans, used men jacket, used men shirts, used men pants, used men jersey and so on. We grade summer second hand clothes and winter used clothing to meet the needs of our clients.

We have over 300 sorting employees with 2-3 years experience.So you can have no worries on our quality, we can assure you the used clothes you receive from us is high quality without mildew or holes or stain and pilling. Meanwhile We only use the raw materials whose A-grade goods account for more than 80%.

We offer three size selections of used men clothing bales which are 45kg/85kg/90kg and we only sell by container loads and ship all over the world.Other sizes of used men clothes bales,please contact us.


Used Women Clothing

HISSEN GLOBAL has more than 60 options of used women clothes bales for women such as used women jeans, used legging, used women T-shirts, used women pants, used skirt, used silk dress,used bra and so on.We also have winter clothes,please contact us for more information.

We have a large used garments recycling network in the first tier cities in China.So our second-hand clothing is fashionable and top A grade.

Our women’s clothing item includes cream-quality wholesale used dresses,jeans,pants,skirt,shirt and blouse etc.in many colors and styles.Wherever you wish to sell these garments, we guarantee your customers will appreciate the premium selection.

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hissen global second-hand-kids-clothes
hissen global kids-clothes
hissen global children-clothes

Used Children Clothing

At HISSEN GLOBAL,you can find Top grade wholesale second hand children clothing at a competitive price.We offer used summer and winter kids clothes,such as used kids shirt,used kids pants,used kids jacket,used kids sweater etc.We offer kids apparel from babies to teenagers,0-8 years old and 6-12 years old.

Each piece of our second hand kids clothes boasts the best quality.HISSEN GLOBAL used children’s clothing for sale offer your clients rich to select from when they’re shopping for kids’ clothes on a budget.


Used Shoes

Within the different grades we offer, we have used sport shoes,used causal shoes,used leather shoe,used high heel shoes,used children shoes,used sneakers,used basketball shoes and used football shoes used brand shoes for men,women and kids.

Whether you want to buy second hand summer shoes or used winter boots, we have selections available for every season.When it comes to the premium quality, you don’t have to take our word for it. Welcome to our factory to visit.

we can delivery 20-30 forty-feet containers per month.Each container includes 50000 pairs of second hand shoes.We guarantee to meet your supply needs.


Used Bags

HISSEN GLOBAL collects used bags, second handbags, used backpacks,used leather bags and used wallets in first tier cities of China and we carefully sort and pack bags in a 40kg bales.Sorting process makes sure these handbags have no holes, stains or excessive wear signs.

We make sure that our second-hand bags are fashionable and latest style.Our raw materials also include famous luxury bags,such as LV,Gucci,CHANEL,HERMES,Dior and so on. We help find your clients some unique styles for a wonderful price!